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First of all remember one think the more you think about getting specific rank in GATE the more you come closer to the losing track. So stop thinking that what will happen in exam and start preparing seriously.Here are some of tips for preparing for GATE and securing good rank because clearing GATE is an easy task but getting good rank requires lot oh hard work as well as smart work.

1. Understand the exam

Go through the syllabus of your branch understand the syllabus give extra effort to the subject which have high weightage and if a subject is easy and has less weightage so study that subject because tough if you left easy subject then you are out of the race. Understand pattern of exam before starting preparation.

2. Make proper notes

Try to make proper notes of each subject because it will help you in revising before exam. Make a formula booklet and notes of key points that can be directly applied to a specific questions.

3. Solve Last year papers

Once a topic is complete start solving all the last year question papers so that you can get to know what type of question has been asked over the year and can also find out your weak areas and start working on them.

4. Revision

Revision is very necessary for preparing any exam and its very crucial part of preparation. Some of us study but not revise concepts regularly so make a time table and give time for revising subjects that have been studied weekly or in two weeks so you don’t forget anything.

5. Mock Tests

Buy a mock test from coaching institutes like MADEEASY or ACEACADEMY or from any good coaching centre in your area. Giving mock tests helps in understanding the environment better and reviewing ourselves. So give mock tests on regular basis don’t think that i will give it after preparing full syllabus instead give it unitwise then subjectwise and then full syllabus.

Lastly have faith in your self.

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