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Square Root of Imperfect Square

Hey here i am going to share a trick on finding out square root of imperfect squares. First of all we should now what are imperfect squares.

Imperfect squares are the number whose square root are not integers like 2,3 etc whereas number like 4,9,16,25 are perfect square because there square roots are 2,3,4,5 respectively.

General Knowledge

Science(Various Branches)

Science is the field of study concerned with discovering and describing the world around us by observing and experimenting Biology,chemistry, and physics are all other branches. Boost your general
knowledge by learning about various branches.


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Acoustics : The study of sound and sound waves.
Agrostology : The study of grasses.
Anatomy : The science of the structure study of the animal / human body learnt by dissection.
Astronautics : A science dealing with space travel & space vehicles.
Astronomy : The study of heavenly bodies (planets).

Biology : The science of living organisms.
Botany : The science of the plant kingdom.
Bryology : The study of mosses.


Cardiology : A branch of medicine dealing with heart.
Chemistry : The study of elements, their behaviour and laws of their
combination, etc.
Cosmetology : The study of cosmetics and their use.


Dactylogy : The study of fingerprints.
Dietetics : The study of diet and nutrition.


Endocrinology : The study of glands.


Lithology : The study of the characteristics of rocks.


Mycology : Concerned with fungi and fungal diseases.

Nephrology : A branch of medicine dealing with kidney diseases.


Oncology : Study dealing with tumours.
Orology : The study of mountains.

Paediatrics : A branch of medicine dealing with child diseases.

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Pathology : A branch of medicine that deals with etiologies,mechanisms and manifestation of diseases.
Psychiatry : The study & treatment of mental & emotional disorders.


Radiology : A branch of medical science dealing with the use of x-rays for diagnosis and treatment.
Rheumatology : The study of small joints in human body.

Seismology : The study of earthquakes & related phenomena.


Theology : The study of religions.


Virology : The branch that deals with viruses.


Zoology : A branch of biology that deals with animal life.
Zymology : A study that deals with the process of fermentation.


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If Some branches of science has been missed then let us know in comment box below.

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