Questions asked in UPSC Interview

UPSC which is famous to be known by IAS (Indian Administrative Services) examination, is one of the competitive and imperative examinations organized under the authority of Union Public Service Commission through India.

Exam is conducted in three phases as follows:

Phase 1: Preliminary examination is organized every year in the month of August, whose results are normally declared in mid-October.

Phase 2: Mains examination is organized every year in the month of December for those who has passed the Civil Services Preliminary exam. The result for the Civil Services Mains examination is generally declared in the month of March.

Phase 3: Personality Test (Interview) is the last stage normally organized in the month of May every year. Notifications for the forms are normally notified by April.

Weirdest Questions

Here is list of some weirdest questions asked in IAS exam over the years.The candidate must be knowlegeable and creative with his answers so to impress the judging panel.

  1. If I go away with your sister, what would you do?
  2. Adarsh and Anupam two twins born in May, but their birthday is in June | How is that possible?
  3. How can a man live up to 8 days without sleep?
  4. Peacock is a bird who does not lay eggs, then how peacock’s children are born?
  5. Can You names Wednesday, Friday and Sunday three consecutive days without taking their name?
  6. A cat has three children, cat named Their January, February, and March. What is the name of the cat?
  7. If 2 is a company and 3 is the crowd, then what will be  4 and 5?
  8. What looks like half an apple?
  9. Eight people take 10 hours to build a wall-mounted, how many days it would take to four people.
  10. In which State is the Bay of Bengal?

If you are IAS aspirant then try to answer above questions


Math And Cricket Match

Maths and Cricket

Here are some problems based on cricket match which can be solved using mathematics only so have fun solving them.

Problem 1: I wanted to gamble in a match between India and England. The odds were 2:1 i.e., if I bet 100 on India, I get 200 more. If I bet 100 on England I get 100 more. If I invest RS. 50 each on both the countries and if India wins I gain 100 rupees on India and loose 50 on England. Hence my total profit would be RS. 50/- (+100-50). But if England wins, there would be neither profit nor loss (-50+50). What would be the safest bet to get the maximum profit? How much I should bet on India and England so that I get maximum amount, irrespective of which country wins.

It was just posted to develop mathematical skill with this example i am not promoting gambling here.

Problem 2: Think before answering. It is not as simple as it appears to be. Take time and think: In a fifty over one-day international match, 49.4 balls are bowled. Last two balls… Seven runs to win… it is ninth wicket partnership… Last two batsmen are at 94 runs each. The team won and both batsmen made centuries. How could it be possible? Don’t think of a no-ball, free hit wide, hitting the helmet etc because… on no-ball if the batsman hits a six it adds 7 (seven) runs to the team score and it wins. Then how the runner also gets 100 runs? This puzzle is more complicated than what you think. Try.

Comment down the solution if you get  it.