Nipah Virus Causes, Signs, Symptoms & Prevention

Nipah Virus

Nipah virus is the headline of almost all newspaper now a days,  as like other viral disease it is also communicable.It is in it’s early stage in India and we have very less information about it, so its our responsibility to make people aware about causes, signs, symptoms and prevention measures.

What is Nipah Virus and its cause ?

Nipah virus is a newly emerging zoonosis that causes a severe disease in both animals and humans. This virus was first identified in Malaysia and Singapore in 1998. At that time, it was primarily caused in pigs and through them got transferred to humans. As quoted by the WHO, the natural host of the virus are fruit bats of the Pteropodidae Family, Pteropus genus.Therefore, one should always be aware of possible consequences when working with each species of animals, and take precaution to minimize the risk of infection.There is no vaccine for either animals or humans so the best way to treat NIpah virus is its prevention.

Signs and Symptoms

The symptoms of Nipah virus may vary from normal fever to encephalitis, which is inflammation of the brain, and mycoarditis also known as inflammation of the heart, it also change from asymptomatic infection to acute respiratory syndrome and could be fatal.Some common signs and symptoms of NiV are headache, fever, nausea, dizziness, drowsiness and mental issues such as confusion. These symptoms can last up to 7-10 days and can progress into coma as fast as in 24–48 hours.


As of now, there is no particular vaccine available purely for the treatment of Nipah Virus. The only way to treat this virus is through intensive supportive care.Treatment is mostly focused on managing fever and the neurological symptoms.

There are several prevention measures available for all viral infections that can be followed like :-

  1. Using mask while travelling in a infected area.
  2. Don’t shake hands with any infected person.
  3. Don’t climb tree where bats may have left their saliva or secretions.
  4. Should clean hands properly with soaps and sanitizer.
  5. Avoid contact with infected animals like pigs, bats etc.
  6. Avoid consuming date palm sap as the chances of it being contaminated is high.
  7. Don’t drink water from wells infected by bats.

If you feel uneasiness when in and around an infected region, get yourself tested immediately!

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