Maths Tricks

Trick for fast calculation

Trick 1

Now there is a cool trick to remember formula of volume of Cylinder


you will be amazed to know that the Pizza has a radius of “z” and height “a”, and therefore its volume is Pi x z x z x a which makes up Pizza.

Trick 2

This little math trick will show you whether a number is divisible by 4 or not. So, this is how it works.

Let’s look at 1234trick

Does 4 divide evenly into 1234?

For 4 to divide into any number we have to make sure that the last number is even.

If it is an odd number, there is no way it will go in evenly.

So, for example, 4 will not go evenly into 1233 or 1235 now we know that for 4 to divide evenly into any number the number has to end with an even number.

Back to the question…

4 divides 1234, the solution:

Take the last number and add it to 2 times the second last number. If 4 goes evenly into this number then you know that 4 will go evenly into the whole number.

So 4 + (2 X 3) = 10

4 goes into 10 two times with a remainder of 2 so it does not go in evenly. Therefore 4 into 1234 does not go in completely.

Let’s try 4 into 3436546

So, from our example, take the last number, 6 and add it to two times the penultimate number, 4

6 + (2 X 4) = 14

4 goes into 14 three times with two remainder. So it doesn’t go in evenly.

Let’s try one more. 4 into 212334436

6 + (2 X 3) = 12

4 goes into 12 three times with 0 remainder.

Therefore 4 goes into 234436 evenly.

Trick 3

Here is one more trick to amaze your friends lets understand it

Step 1: You should have one two-digit numbers.

Step 2: Reverse the number.

Step 3: Subtract the smaller number from the larger one.

Step 4: Take the result, reverse the digits, and add that number to the one you got when you subtracted.

The answer is 99.

Lets try with an example :-

 17 reverses to make 71.

Subtract the smaller (17) from the larger (71): 54.

Reverse these digits to make 45.

Add this to the previous number i.e., 45+54.

The answer is 99.

Trick 4

Step 1: Think of any 3 digit number but all digits should be same like 555

Step 2: Add all digits of number i.e., 5+5+5 = 15

Step 3: Now divide the number by added digits i.e., 555/15

Step 4: Answer is 37 always

Try for 111, 222,333,444 etc

Comment below in case you find any problem in all above tricks.